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Most precise fishing map

Navigo offers most precise nautical map.

Our own maps provide all the information needed for fishing operations : water depth, contours, corals, obstructions, rivers & tributaries, buoys, seabed pipelines, etc.

This accurate map will help you improve your fishing efficiency.

Just catch it

PFZ (Potential Fishing Zone) will guide you to fish.

Increase operational efficiency by using PFZ produced based on various information analysis (chlorofil, sea temperature, ocean current, etc.)

Improved efficiency reduces fuel costs by reducing oil consumption and reduces carbon dioxide emissions to protect planet.

Offline map

Don't worry about cell tower signal.

Download maps for offline use to ensure you can access them even when there's no internet signal.

Accurate forecasts

In addition to general weather forecasts such as weather and rainfall, we offer the currents, tides, waves, and water temperatures required for fishing activities at a glance.

All information is continuously improving with a focus on improving fishing efficiency.

Save and share locations

Saving of your favorite fishing locations, hotspots and waypoints has never been easier.

You can save a location before your fishing adventure for better planning, during your trip to precisely record an interesting location or after the fishing trip to analyze where you were.

Record your favorite locations and share it to your friends.

Search in one place

We have already stored the locations of all ports, islands, rivers and villages.

And also you can easily find the location you saved in one place.

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